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guitare Carvel


By John Frusciante
from "Shadows Collide With People"

Version 1 :
Transcribed by

Roughly how i play it


Bm A G


Bm A G



() Play only first time

Bridge (Sending a dummy)


Interlude 2nd time


Have you gone....

Bm D A G

Version 2 :
Transcribed by


0:00 to 0:22
Bm - G

0:23 to 0:32
Bm - D -G

0:33 to 0:43
D - A - Bm - G

0:44 to 0:53
Bm - D - G

0:54 to 1:05
D - A - Bm - G

1:06 to 1:25
Bm - D - A - Em

1:26 to 1:46
Bm - G

1:47 to 1:56
D - A - Bm - G

2:06 to
Bm - D - A - G (hit root note then rest of chord, jf style)

then that cool riff
do brackets twice

different ending for the riff

the ends just D - A - Bm - G switching back and forth from Bm - G - D - A
i couldnt get the very last bit..some high chords.

Version 3 :

e|------------------------------------------------------------------- *
B|-------------------------10-12------------------------------------- S
G|------9-11-9----7-9-7-------------------9-11-9----7-9-7----6-7----- O
D|-9-12--------12-------12-----------9-12--------12-------12--------- L
A|------------------------------------------------------------------- O
E|------------------------------------------------------------------- *

Dorthy N.

Version 4 :
Tabbed by Rondo

Bm-F#m-G-A x4

Verse (When I try to force...)
Bm-F#m-G-A x2

Chorus (Now is the time...)
D-A-F#m-G-A x2

Verse (Running me out...)

Chorus (Would only get...)

Interlude (Sending a Dummy...)


Chorus (Driving to eat a...)

(Something with F#m and F#)

Solo (Have you gone...)
Bm-D-A-G x4 no vocals then 7x with vocals

Bridge (All the good times.../And I wouldn't have...)

Solo (Up and down...)



End on D

Version 5 :
Tabbed by

Intro aaaa a aaa aaa aaaaaah Bm G A X4 When I try I force it ooooout Bm A G Never looking in only ooooout Bm A G A Now is the time for millions to looooose Bm A F#m G A Never the same since I lost yoooooou Bm A F#m G A Running me out of tooooown Bm A G Wishing the best arooooound Bm A G A Would only get off my baaaack Bm A F#m G A Heaven receives you and throws you baaaack Bm A F#m G Sending a dummy to my God A G X3 Sending a dummy to myyyyyyy A F#m G Goooooooooooooood Bm A G aaaa a aaa aaa aaaaaah Bm A G X2 aaaa a aaa aaa aaaaaah Bm A G A Driving to eat a Carvel caaaaake Bm A F#m G A Somewhere you know isn't where you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink Bm A F#m G F#m ahhh ahhh have you gone awaaaaaaaaaaayaaaaaah F#m Bm D A G Bm D A G X3 SOLO 1 Have you gone have you gone away already Bm D A G X3 come back come back come back come back Bm D A G Have you gone have you gone away alreeeadyyyyyyyy Bm D A G Em A all the good times are on their F#m G waaaay Bm D A G X2 SOLO 2 Up and down that's how energy stays alive Bm D A G yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Bm D A G Up and down that's how energy stays alive Bm D A G Em And iiiiiiiiiiii wouldn't have it any other A F#m G waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay D A Bm G X3 D A D